Adding admins to your school.

On the pledre platform, you are given access to monitor all activities in your school. This access is only available to admins registered on the school. If you already have a school created on Pledre, you are automatically made an admin of the school. It is important to take note of those being put in charge of the administration of the school in order to reduce any security risks.

To add admins on pledre, you must have created your own school. If you have a school already, simply take the following steps.

  • From school home, go to admins under users.
Admins under users
  • Click on add admin and fill in the required details.
  • Once you do this, you would have successfully added an admin.

The admin will be notified of his current status via mail immediately after being added. The new admin will also given liberty to change his/her password and other profile details. It is very important to know those added as admins in order to safeguard your school’s integrity.

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