Assigning classes to teachers

Every school is incomplete without a teacher!

Hence, it is necessary to assign classes to teachers in your school. This would ensure that your school is a success and that you impact as many students out there as possible. Do follow this step by step procedure to assign a class to a teacher

  1. From the homepage, click go to dashboard.

2. Click the name of your school or view school.

Note: You must have created your school before you can perform the second step.

3. Go to the menu button at the top left corner of your screen to view options available to you and click teachers. Then, choose the teacher to be assigned a course from the list. 

PS: Ensure you add teachers before choosing a name from the list.

4. After selecting the teacher’s name from the list, from the teacher list information shown on screen, click add teacher to class.

  1. . From the courses available, click assign for the courses you want the teacher to take.

Congratulations! you have successfully assigned a class to a teacher. 

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