Best way to effectively deliver your online masterclass

Even though masterclass started with music and later involved the arts, now its ubiquity in almost every field going from acting to far flung field like sports. It has even spanned a startup. The internet has given everyone a chance to share their knowledge with different applications and softwares like Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp etc.
We took the best of this platforms and applications and developed Pledre. So why should you choose Pledre over whatever you’re using now for your tutorials.

1 – Organized Classes: Classes on Pledre are organised in such a way that if you have more than one masterclass it would be easy for you to organise it. Inside a Pledre school, school admins and teachers. Also, if you have only one masterclass, with Pledre features like Forums and Discussions, you can easily separate the important part of the class from other aspects of it.

2 – Better Features: Pledre is built to offer individuals access to features they ordinarily get in multiple platforms on one platform. Videos, live video classes, notes, discussions, forums, and the ability to get a customised experience are all tailored to offer in a space what people or tutors normally get across application in one place. There are also third party features like Code IDE for those teaching programming and chats for graphs

3 – Personalised URL: With Pledre, you get a personalised URL that you choose. If your masterclass is on marketing and your name is Shade, the URL could read something like If you already bought a domain name and you’re. Or on basic plan, you can actually link the domain to the Pledre account.

4 – Personal Relationship with Students: One of the main characteristics of masterclass is that there is a personalised relationship between the students and the tutor. On Pledre, with the one on one video and message features, the students and teachers connect on a level higher than what should normally obtain using other platforms.

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