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How to get your next 1000 students

You are only a step away from achieving your dream school. With the right information and platform, you can have the next 1000 students or more that you desire streaming to your school.

Cheat sheet to Complete that Online Course

Virtual schooling, due to the events that occurred in 2020, has become the new normal. As with every major change, it takes time to adjust to the new methods. involved. Taking an online course...

Why you should consider teaching online

The world is now a global village. Twenty first century school owners, teachers, organisations, teachers should not wink in the dark. Rather, they should maximize the potentials of the internet to their advantage. According...


The Rise and Future of Homeschooling

The mathematics whiz Esther Okade has something in common with Condoleeza Rice, C S Lewis, Thomas Edison, and the Williams sisters. What could that be? They were all home schooled at a point or...

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Imagine a world without education

Shashi Tharoor in his TED talk told a story.In his story, he spoke to a woman called Chitra Mani in a remote village in Tamil who recently learnt how to read and write. She...

Pledre’s Memo

        More than 60% of Nigerians are currently uneducated and only about 30% of secondary school leavers get admitted into a tertiary institution. This is largely due to the absence of...