Changing your school’s background

When people come to your school, one of the things that will capture their attention besides your courses will be your ambiance. Your school should have particular features that keep your students enthralled. With Pledre, you can achieve this by changing the background image and theme colour. These add to the aesthetic value of your school and gives all those who come to your school’s page a great experience. 

In order to make your school’s landing page more attractive to all visitors, just take the steps below

  • First, go to your dashboard.
  • From your dash board, click on school details.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Opera-Snapshot_2020-12-13_100713_pledre.com_-1024x596.png
  • Scroll down and check for display.
  • Right here, you can change the banner and make decisions regarding the theme colour for your school.

Congratulations, you have successfully changed your school’s background!

If you want to use a background, but haven’t created a school, you can do so here.

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