Cheat sheet to Complete that Online Course

Online courses and virtual schooling is the next big thing. In our previous post, we highlighted the advantages of virtual schooling. It is imperative that we also understand that it is not enough to start an online course, what is more important, is finishing it.

We understand the struggles that many go through to complete an online course. The major one being procrastination and mental laziness. This blog contains 7 cheats to complete that online course. They are:

  • ·         Be Organized and Self Motivated

Having a major goal before you begin that online course is the first step towards completing it. Do you want to become a better developer? Or content creator? Or become certified in a particular field. The goal is then fueled by passion.

Are you truly passionate about what you intend to study? Passion helps you during the dark and dreary times. Have a mental picture of the future you want to have and strive to achieve that.

  • ·         Consider the Course as a Job

Everyone who intends to succeed in the corporate world knows never to joke with their jobs. All tasks and projects assigned to you are executed excellently. This is the same with an online course. To bag that certification, you need to have a success mentality, set boundaries and keep them firmly. To make the process seamless, draw up a plan and ensure the plan consists of checklists, daily goals. Accomplishing them will make you proud of yourself.


  •  Maximize Your Time Adequately

Time wasted can never be regained. This is the mantra that must resound before you begin each day. Design study blocks and be dedicated to them. Ensure you use the time allocated for what it was allocated for. This allows you to focus hard on the course and helps remove other distractions from around you.

When you have a great grasp of your study time, it would be easier to incorporate other activities around it. This way, you don’t get swarmed.

  • Remove all Distractions

Distractions are meant to happen while you study. The first thing to do is to search for a quiet place to study. This limits the chances of you speaking while studying. You can also limit the use of social media while studying. A trick can be to put your phone on DND mode and set it to ring out only during emergency calls. You can access social media during your breaks. You have to discipline yourself and avoid wasting the time to study to chat. Don’t worry, they will always be people online. You however decide when to meet the said people.

  • Be Mentally Engaged

It is not just enough to watch the recorded videos or be a part of live classes. You need to participate actively. This is achieved by being mentally present throughout your study time. You can do this by actively taking notes while the teaching is going on.

You could also browse intelligently on topics you do not understand. This way, you don’t get mentally stressed or bored. You could also make the study time enjoyable by answering quizzes or preparing flash cards. Whatever rocks your boat, go for it.

  • Take Breaks 

This helps you stay healthy and avoid body aches. If your body is tired, there is a great chance procrastination will set in. Therefore, you can prevent this by adding breaks to the daily plan you set for your course study. 

Breaks also allows you to connect with others. You need to reply to a mail, this would be the time to reply to them. You want to chat or talk to someone, this is the time to do this. Remember that the breaks are meant to be timed else, you might forget about your studies and focus on that one activity. 

  • Celebrate Your Wins

Have you completed that course? Celebrate yourself! Post it on the relevant social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. You have done a lot therefore, you should reward yourself by seeing your favourite movie, eating at your favorite restaurant, seeing your favourite team play. Do all these and do not feel guilty because you earned it.

To further excel at online courses, you can join study teams. They get to serve as accountability partners for you during the online course journey. This way, you can get much work covered and even beat deadlines.

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