Engaging in live conversations by using Live class / Screen sharing with your students

When running a virtual school, the mode of teaching is an important consideration. Classes can either contain pre-recorded contents in form of notes, videos and text files or can be realtime with live classes and discussions and screen sharing.

Although pre-recorded contents are usually great for virtual schools where students can be somewhat passive learners, live content is great for active learners and gives the feel of being in an actual physical class with the teacher from anywhere in the world.

Teacher class list

Using the pledre calendar feature, you are free to schedule periodic live sessions with your students.

For your live class to work, a teacher or admin has to be present. You can use any browser in order to share your screen.

The next thing to do is open your class and click on the live class button.

You can then go on share your screen by clicking on the desktop icon at the bottom of the live class.

To leave the class at any point, you have two options.

  1. Leave class – When you leave the class, other students in the class will still remain in the class after you have left.
  2. Shut down class – When you shut down the class, everyone in the class is removed. Shutting down the class means closing the class and leaving the live class completely for all participants in the class.

Congratulations, you can engage your students easily with the live class and screen sharing feature.

If you have not created a school, do so as http://pledre.com

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