Engaging in live conversations by using Live class / Screen sharing with your students


Classes can either contain pre-recorded contents in the form of notes, assessments , videos, files 
or can be realtime e.g discussions, live conversations, screen sharing.

You can schedule periodic live sessions with your students using the pledre calendar feature.

For live class to work,

  • There has to be a teacher / admin in the class for live class to start
  • As of today screen sharing only works for teachers with Opera mini Browser, Mozilla, Safari. It isn’t supported by chrome
    This doesn’t apply to students

To get started open your class and click on the live class button.
If you haven’t yet created a school visit https://pledre.com

Teacher class list

Starting Live Class

After navigating to the live class page, and clicking join live class as an admin / teacher

Sharing your screen

For teachers, screen sharing is currently not supported on chrome, use opera, safari, mozilla or any other browser

Click on the desktop icon at the bottom of the live class

Congratulations, you can engage your students real time easily with the live class and screen sharing feature

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