How to add modules and contents to your course as a teacher

When you have been assigned to a class newly, you would need to add content in form of files, videos and quizzes. You can do this by following these simple steps. Login to your account by putting in your user code and password.

If you have already done that, go to the dashboard.

From your dashboard, click on the course that you want to update.

Click either add module or add content.

You should see options to either add module or add content. A module is a group of different contents that are sections of a course grouped separately.

To add a module, click on add module. Put in the name of the module and add a description. Then, hit the submit button.

To add content, click on add content. Put in the content name and content objective. Select the module you want the content to be in and choose the content type (notes, files, quizzes, live classes or discussion). Click on submit.

By following these steps, you will successfully add modules and contents to your course.

If you have any other questions, simply send a mail to

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