How to make the most of online learning

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Online learning comes with a whole lot of convenience. You could be having a live class and doing something else at the same time once your mic is muted and your camera is off. Whenever your name is called, you just have to be on your best behavior as you face the camera.

However, like any endeavour in life, a whole lot of focus and attention is required. In this article, we will be examining three elements of focus which will get you to make the most out of your online learning experience.

Specific timing

It is not a myth that every single person has only 24 hours in a day. The myth surfaces only when we assume that we can all produce the same results with the 24 hours. You have to be intentional about what you do with every minute.

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If you know you can accomplish a task in one hour, set the time you intend to start it and block your time for that purpose. Focus and multitasking are two worlds apart. If you want to get the best out of focused time, set the exact time and stick with one thing during that period.

Do not say you will do something in the evening, or tomorrow morning. You have to be specific about when you want it done. This way, you gear your mind towards that time. When you are to write an exam, you are given a specific time to write it. Everything about you notes that and the time echoes in your mind; ringing loud enough for you to not miss it and to prepare adequately for it.

When you are specific with your timing and intentional about your actions, it becomes easier to focus. This is because you have decided to do just one thing during that time. You do not feel something else deserves to be taken care of in that hour.

Using a timer would just be perfect!

A distraction free zone

Once you have gotten your timing right, you have got to deal with distractions. These distractions vary with people. It could be anything ranging from smells, noise, calls, or even food. The reality is that you would have to work towards creating a distraction free zone, so you can learn or work as you need to.

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The truth about distractions is that they are subject to choice. We often choose to be distracted by different things and claim distractions are unfair viruses the universe sends to us when we work. Get a space that is comfortable for you and work with it. Put away distractions and work the way you are meant to within that time.

When those itches to do something else come, choose to stay put and keep working. The timer is ticking, and the world is waiting.

A break

This element of focus seems to be counterintuitive but it is one of the most important. We all do not have the same attention span and once you know how long it takes for you to be tired or lose focus, just get up from that chair and take a break.

It helps to walk a bit, take a snack, drink some water or stretch your muscles. Taking a break is not one of the deadly work sins. Being able to rest well is as important as working well.

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When you take breaks, you put yourself in a great position to work at your optimum.

Playing a game, or calling a friend could work, but ensure that the break does not get longer than it should. It is only meant to refuel you for a moment before you get back to work. What matters is that you do what works for you and get your desired results.

Paying attention to these building blocks of focused work is very important. However, being focused is entirely left to the person working.

Focused work can become a habit through practice. If you feel you are a beginner, start with 20 minutes of undisturbed work, take a break and get back to work. Increase the time as you get better. You will realise that it is fun and rewarding to take one thing at a time.

Keep working!

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