Imagine a world without education

Shashi Tharoor in his TED talk told a story.
In his story, he spoke to a woman called Chitra Mani in a remote village in Tamil Nadu, who recently learnt how to read and write and she proudly wrote her name in Tamil on a piece of paper. So he asked her, “What does being able to read and write mean to you?”.

To this she replied, “Now, I can see the destination of the bus. I don’t need to ask anybody where the bus is going. When I get to the big city of Gandhi Puram, I can read the street signs and find where I need to go. I don’t feel helpless anymore”.

Now this story truly demonstrates how fundamental education really is. This kind of empowerment is what literacy gives people in a very fundamental and real way.

The importance of quality education cannot be overestimated. We are glad that you understand this and you are doing your own bit to make quality education accessible for everyone irrespective of their location. We know that together we can achieve so much more in the educational sector.

Cheers to the future of education in Africa.

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  • You can now create and edit classes from your pledre dashboard without necessarily login in as a teacher to your school.
  • Classroom topics layout restructuring for better class delivery.
  • School Analytics to track your students and teachers usage of your school

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