Pledre’s Memo

        More than 60% of Nigerians are currently uneducated and only about 30% of secondary school leavers get admitted into a tertiary institution. This is largely due to the absence of adequate infrastructures to accommodate the populace. But what if schools could leverage technology and digital infrastructures, virtual reality, and augmented reality to substitute for the unavailable and expensive laboratories and lecture rooms? This could create a more dynamic and engaging learning environment for students.

        The challenge of implementing these digital infrastructures in schools is due to an absent sufficient baseline platform that connects teachers and students to foster learning in and outside the classroom.

        We built Pledre to solve this problem.

        Pledre aims to enable every school (public and private) have access to a baseline learning management system for teachers to conveniently deliver a personalised learning experience to students while also serving as an abstraction layer for technologist and developers to build and deploy more complex educational solutions(e.g with VR, AR, 3D models ..) leveraging on data from the schools and students gotten via the Pledre API.

        We believe this is instrumental to the giant leap the Nigerian educational system would be experiencing as we would not need to build expensive laboratories in urban and rural areas while trying to educate every individual in Nigeria.

        Quality Education is a fundamental right of every citizen and we must ensure everyone gets a chance at it.


        Pledre Team.

        To get started with your school send a mail to and visit for more details.

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