Prospects of Virtual Reality in Learning

Imagine sitting on a chair in your room with your virtual reality glasses on. You walk in to the class and wave at all the other students who are also seated. The lecturer is already waiting for you as you enter. You take your seat and your class is underway. You hold your pen and start taking notes. Do not forget, you are still in your room, probably still wearing pajamas with hot coffee on your table.

This is a picture of what virtual learning would become in the nearest future as technology advances. Learning with virtual reality is already fast becoming the norm as American Company , Labster, is already developing fully interactive advanced lab simulations based on mathematical algorithms. These are combined with gamification elements of storytelling, 3D simulations and a scoring system which works on students’ natural curiosity and highlights the connection between science and the real world. These virtual labs are vital to the advancement of online learning and they open up the possibility of having the feels of a physical school built in virtual reality. As a result, students from all over the world can join the school in real-time.

A photo of a simulated Labster lab

In tech circles, the word virtual reality usually coincides with the gaming world. However, virtual reality can be implemented in education in such a way that there is a radical change in the way learning is received and administered. Online learning just recently became more popular due to health concerns in the past year. The increase in the adaptation of online learning is still being debated to be less effective than physical schooling. The reality is that when virtual reality is introduced more significantly, physical schooling may eventually become solely a thing of choice rather than performance.

Physical schooling may eventually become solely a thing of choice rather than performance

Current features of virtual reality in the gaming sector can be combined with the experience of a physical school to create an amazing learning experience. Teachers, and students would be able to have the complete feel of going to school while staying safely in their homes. This would certainly be a game-changer, as many more features can be added to this cinematic, yet vivid schooling experience which is expected to engage students to produce maximal results. In the virtual labs that Labster has created, students are exposed to the same elements in a physical lab and this allows them to have practical experience just like they would in a physical setting. This means that a whole school can be well simulated in the same way.

The prospects for this are not as far-fetched as they seem. The next few years of technological advancement could usher us into a whole new level of delivering education. Labster recently received a series C funding for further research in millions of dollars. It is expected that this would bring in new developments. While we await a possibility of strapping screens to our faces instead of backpacks on our backs, you can key in on online learning and create your own online school today on

Don’t be left out of the reinvention of education!

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