Reinventing Education

Horace Mann is the man responsible for the foundation of the public education system we currently use. This system was designed to make students compete for jobs. This happened in 1837 and about two centuries later, a reinvention of the system is needed.

Educational needs have evolved from being job-oriented to being value-oriented. The essence of education has shifted from just a license to get a job to a tool for creating value. Given this shift, the system of delivering education requires a revamp. This new system has to be tailored to building individuals for problem solving and wealth creation. in this way, societal development becomes faster and well rounded.

With the field-wide advancement of technology, education has followed in the tracks. Online schooling introduces a new path of education. Through the interconnection made available by online schooling, people all over the world can share knowledge and make advances in their respective locations. Ideas no longer have to be confined to a particular space anymore.

The traditional system of education is regimented and may not cater for the needs of everyone. This system offers education based on a national requirement and does not necessarily take everyone in. In spite of this, there is now a solution to this problem – online schooling.

With the internet, there are essentially no borders. This means that everyone can have their own space of learning by getting educated at their own pace. A student in the Philippines willing to learn about marketing can do so by learning from a teacher in Brazil.

Pledre was created to further bridge the gap and give everyone a chance to be educated how they want without any problems. Educators are given an opportunity to create schools as they deem fit and share knowledge globally. In this way, education has been reinvented to be a value creation hub rather than just a job seeking avenue. The value of education is Pledre’s emphasis and its aim is to simplify the methods of receving education. Education is what runs the world, Pledre is committed to making it smoother for everyone to give and receive education.

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