Setting up your school on Pledre (Tutorial 1)

This tutorial is for you if

  1. You already have a school and would love to create a more personalized learning environment for your teachers and students.
  2. You would love to start your own school on-line with only digital infrastructures.
To get started visit and click on the sign in button above

If you don’t have an account on pledre yet, register or else sign in


After creating your new account, you are given 2200 free Pledre credits that can be used for transactions on the platform.
Since it is a school you want to create and not a single class, scroll down to create and click on schools.

if you would rather create an on-line specialized class instead click me

For difference between a specialized school and a school



You can now create your school by clicking the button just below the navigation bar. Creating of schools cost 2000 credits (your first school is free as a result of the free Pledre credit)


Fill in your school details. (They can all be edited except school URL even after the school has been created)

Hopefully your school was successfully created. (If you encounter any problem in doing so please contact our support )
You can view your school details, teachers and students by clicking on the ‘view details’ button


A personal website URL would have been generated for your created school. It is usually of the form (<school_url> e.g
Visit the URL to see your newly created school

If you already have your domain and would love to host your school on your domain please contact our support

You would definitely need to add teachers and students to your school before it can be an actual school.
Do this by sending your generated school URL to your teachers and students so they can register to your school on your school.

NOTE: You would have to approve every students / teacher sign-up request to your school before they can login and access your school’s resources
And you are now officially a proud owner of a fully functional on-line school.

Share the “Tutorial on using Pledre as a teacher” with your teachers so they know how to set up their classrooms


If you need our assistance in any way please contact us at 

You can also check out, learn from and contribute to the community on tips on starting and growing your own school, and also discussions around making education in Africa and all over the world more accessible and of better quality


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