Starting an online school due to school closures: What to do

Heard of analysis paralysis?

Everybody is faced with many questions when they’re about to make important decisions that would transform their lives. Usually, our success depends on the decisions we find daring or risky.  If you’ve been having doubts about starting that online school, overthinking the problems, scared of the end without even starting, then, these tips are for you. 

Things to do:

Just do it

Beginning an online school begins with just starting. The lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have shown the immense benefits of online schooling. You do not need to wait for emergencies to come before you leverage the twenty first century ‘s technologies for online schooling. Just take a step now and reap the benefits. Don’t be left behind.

Choose a reputable virtual platform 

Many platforms exist that could help you start an online school. It is important to choose one that would meet your goals for your school. You have to define your goals. Your goals would determine what platform has the features you need for your school. You can check out the process of onboarding a school on Pledre (link). With a platform that has the right resources, your online school would be up and running in no time. 

Get your teachers, students and courses 

Instead of panicking about the whole process of starting an online school or onboarding your physical school on an online platform, prepare for the change. Enlighten teachers, parents and students about the onboard process. Also, get your courses and curriculum ready for the online school. You prepare to fail when you fail to prepare. 

With every opportunity, there would always be challenges. Instead of seeing the challenges only, face them head on. Start your online school now!

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