The 2021 To-do list

With new years come new decisions and new plans. It usually feels like everything changes because the earth made another revolution. With the roller coaster of the year 2020 that we’ve had, it is safe to say that 2021 holds so much promise as we go into it. The reality is that making the best of a new year is dependent on the decisions we make which sets us up for the results we get at the end of the year. Since getting the best is about what we do, here are three things to do which will set the pace for a productive year.

How To Write A To Do List That You'll Actually Stick To
  • Be intentional

Life is a product of the decisions we make. Many times, these decisions are made due to certain uncontrollable situations and may not have been made consciously. Essentially, we do take some actions without bearing in mind their results. In this year, it will pay off to be more deliberate with each action. You need to be intentional about yourself, your relationships and your finances.

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You would need to do things bearing the consequence in mind. Pay attention to what your decisions can produce in the near future and ensure that you make the right one as you see fit. The key is to live in the present, taking each step like it will determine how the next one goes. In this year, know what you want and go for it, decide to be the best at whatever you do and enjoy every moment of it.

  • Take opportunities

A new year will definitely come with new opportunities. The great thing about opportunities is that they open us up to new possibilities, and more things that we never thought we would be up to. Sometimes, the promise that lies in opportunities is what scares us from taking them.

Take Opportunities When They Arise! - CUInsight

This year, one thing you must do is not be scared of leaping for greater things. 2020 seemed like just a breeze of unwanted circumstances but it held a lot of opportunities that some people took and some others missed. Here is another year with new opportunities, what you have to do is simply take your opportunities as they come. You always know when an opportunity beckons, so take it when it shows up.

  • Learn to learn

Steve Jobs once said, “Learn continually, there’s always one more thing to learn.” Learning is key to having a productive life. With the fresh start that we have now, one of the responsibilities given to us is that of continually learning.

Steve Jobs quote: Learn continually - there's always "one more thing" to  learn!

Deciding to learn is deciding to grow and become a better person. In fact, getting into the new year requires that you are armed with all the lessons you have learnt from the past year. Learn from everything and everyone. Choose to learn from failures, and from successes. The year is ready to give you valuable lessons, grab your notes and enjoy the class.

At the end of this year, these three things on your list should be ticked and you should be smiling at how much you have been able to grow and achieve in the year. Have a great year ahead. Cheers!

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