The new pricing system of Pledre

In order to provide better options for different categories of individuals, schools and organisations using Pledre, we revised our pricing model from just a free class and a paid school to a new categorisation of schools.

In the new system, Classes are still free but the School model changed. When you go to your dashboard, you will see this

The school plan is showing three levels of schools.


This is basically free and can accommodate up to 20 students per month. The features include multiple classrooms, notes, assignments, live video features, discussion panel etc.


The Standard Plan offers more than the Basic and it costs five thousand naira or twelve dollars or its equivalent in your local currency per month. It takes up to fifty students and offers all the features of the basic plan along with features like library, school forum, personal notes and 3rd party applications. It also supports custom domains.


This plan costs four hundred naira or a dollar per student. It supports all the features of the Standard plan and offers more personalised services. It supports unlimited numbers of students though if you have more than 200 students, you should contact us.

Other information
Schools that have lesser number of students but needs higher features can upgrade.
Upgrade is done by adding your card details to our secured payment portal. A fifty naira charge comes with the addition.
Any other questions should be directed to or call 08156459825.

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