The Online Whiteboard

One of the most prominent features of any modern physical classroom is the white board. Any classroom without a whiteboard may as well just be a parlour for students. With a marker or projector, white boards are very important visual aids that allow students to follow the teacher while he is inculcating knowledge in the students.

Given that whiteboards are so vital for learning on site, Pledre has found out a way to incorporate this white slate, but without the magnets.

A new feature, the whiteboard, has been introduced to Pledre’s classes. This means that teachers online can still deliver lectures the conventional way using their markers and be thousands of miles away from the students.

To access this feature on Pledre, take the following steps.

  • From the homepage, go to the dashboard.
  • Click on your school and click courses
  • From courses, click on one of the courses in your school.
  • Click on open course content.
  • Go to add content in course content
  • While adding new content, click on content type and choose whiteboard.
  • You can then edit the whiteboard as you like, with graphs or sketches.

If you have not yet created a school on Pledre, click here

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