The Rise and Future of Homeschooling

The mathematics whiz Esther Okade has something in common with Condoleeza Rice, C S Lewis, Thomas Edison, and the Williams sisters. What could that be?

They were all home schooled at a point or the other.

Homeschooling was so popular in the 19th century that the earliest presidents of America never went to any formal school. The popularity waned as schools became ubiquitous as more parents began to work outside their homes. The trend seems to have resurfaced as the practice is being taken up again. In the United States, it is estimated that the growth of homeschooled children is between 2% to 8% per annum. In 2016, it is assumed that around 2.3 million American children were being homeschooled.

In Nigeria, there is a sharp rise of homeschooling among the middle and upper class. Many discussions and deliberations revolve around this topic. These discussions reveal many important issues. Some point to the failure of schools to impact knowledge while others point to the rising costs of schooling a child.

The current trend in homeschooling, however, differs significantly from that of the past. A homeschooled child in the past would have been taught by one of the parents but these days, that is hardly the case. Sometimes, parents employ a teacher who teaches the children regularly at home. This development has brought about a cohort of teachers whose job is teaching from one home to the other.

New technology has simplified the work of these itinerary teachers. In Europe and Asia, teachers go in front of screens and teach children miles away across the world through the internet. With great interfaces for live video classes, screen sharing and white board features, anyone could teach students from anywhere around the world. Some parents have adopted technology-driven homeschooling while others have used it to augment their children’s learning.

In Nigeria, several tutorial services offering different forms of online teachings have sprung up. With this development, it can be predicted that internet usage will be the norm rather than the exception.

In conclusion, the attention being paid to homeschooling will increase remarkably as events in the year 2020 have highlighted more reasons why we should embrace online technology even for education.

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