Using Pledre School as a Teacher (Tutorial 2)

This tutorial is for you if

  1. You have been told to register on a school using Pledre.
  2. You are a school owner that wants to see the processes a teacher on your school goes through.
To get started, request for the URL of your school from your school admin. It is usually of the form of <school_url> (e.g
Type in the school URL in your browser and you should get something like this

Register as a teacher to the school and wait for or contact the school admin to approve your request. You would receive a mail after your request has been approved by the admin.
You can now login with your school email and password.
As a teacher your primarily role is to create classes and engage students with learning resources and discussions. To that click on the “Visit Classroom” feature on  the home page

Then create a class

Note: Classes created can be public or private. Any student within a school can register for a public class and immediately have access to the contents. For private the student has to be approved by the teacher in charge before they can access the resources 

Click on the created class

Upload files, write notes and start discussions under topics
Topics that are locked won’t be visible to students

To view your students and approve new students requests to your school,


Your students can now access their resources and take new classes online


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