What should I teach?

Being able to build your own school in little or no time is one of the most amazing thing about Pledre.
The fact that you can build it in the comfort of your room and at your desired time can make it really tempting to create your school before taking into consideration the nitty-gritty involved in running a school.
However, like every successful business started, the chances of your school succeeding begin to increase from the level of preparation you put into it before the actual classes start.

STAGE ONE: Deciding on what to teach.

While you do not have to teach directly in your virtual school, it is important to be interested in what is being taught.
You have to actively decide on what classes you intend to have in your school.
Questions should be asked and a proper survey carried out.
Some of these questions include:

  • What do I want my school to entail?
  • Who are my target students?
  • How large is the customer (student) market? 
  • How many students do I want to enroll in my school?
  • Can I get that number of students from my market target?
  • What would majority of these students want to learn at a cost?
  • How much are they willing to pay for it?

These questions should help influence your decision on what your school will and actually should teach.

Daniel, the school owner of Fluent School wanted to start up his school and he understood the importance of making a proper research before he began.
After his research, Daniel decided that his school was going to teach four courses but of these four courses, he was going to start with the most viable one in his environment which was UI/UX Designing.

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