How to get your next 1000 students


You are only a step away from achieving your dream school. With the right information and platform, you can have the next 1000 students or more that you desire streaming to your school.

If you don’t believe it, you may just stop reading this article at this point.  But if you believe you can have more students enroll in your school, do take your time to read the following tips on how to get more students to enroll in your school.

Identify and Emphasize your value Proposition

The first step to take to get more students is to identify the value you have to offer them. This is what should sell your school as a promising one. You should let your value proposition reflect in your services and motto. In other words, you must deliver on your promises because when you do, you will be regarded as credible.

Get the parents

Another step is to reach parents through target marketing. At this point, you may have to run some ads to market your school to potential customers. 

Also, build relationships with your students’ parents.You have to keep in touch with parents. Do send them greetings through email marketing or by calling them directly. You could also inform them about the progress of their wards and suggest ways that they could help their children get better at home. In the end, you end their trust and retain your students.

Leverage word of mouth 

Encourage parents and students to tell others about their experience in your school. One secret many do not know is that word of mouth is the cheapest form of advertising you can ever use. Leverage it!

Organise events

Organising events goes with the saying “All work but no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Online competitions, quizzes, mind-challenging games would help your students have fun and learn. 

A tip: you could award prizes to students 

Choose a credible online platform for your school 

Start your online school on a credible platform. Many platforms are available but not all will give you the services you need to take your school to the next level.

You need an online platform that offers an opportunity to:

  • engage in conference calls and to share your screen with your students in a live class;
  • create ready made assessments for students;
  • upload files and videos as instructional aids for your students; 
  • add or invite as many teachers as you wish and to assign them to classes;
  • manage schools’ and students’ data securely; 
  • customize lessons using templates.

You can achieve the above by using a budget- friendly platform like Pledre.

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Team Pledre.

When you follow these tips, you’d be surprised  to see that your next 1000 students are just right in front of you!

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