Why do you need a payment plan?

It’s been two months and just half of my students have made full payments for the courses. Some students have an issue with paying at once while others are not sure what they need to pay. This could give me a lot more to think about apart from giving them the best education. To keep the payments coming as they should, what do I do?

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Getting a school to run smoothly requires that the students pay regularly and promptly. This means that at some point, you will need to follow up on the students so they can pay as they need to.

Pledre has created a feature to help you with the critical issue of following up students and keeping up to tabs with their payment details. Creating a payment plan makes monitoring the way payments are made less cumbersome.

Here are some reasons to create a payment plan:

  1. You are able to give room for students to pay with a time interval suitable for them. For example, a student can pay weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly.
  2. Courses taken by a student can be grouped together to allow the student pay for them at once, or the courses are paid for individually.
  3. The feature includes e-mail reminders that will be automatically sent to students. This way, students can be reminded about their payments based on their respective plans automatically.
  4. This feature also helps you to track all payments and keep accurate records.

This feature among other features on the platform are there to help you deliver learning in the most efficient way possible. Create your own payment plan and get going with a great teaching experience.

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