Why Pledre?

You have most likely heard the phrase, “Knowledge is power”. In reality, the power that runs the world is knowledge and the way this power is distributed is through education. What better way is there to deliver this power than through a digital platform?

Pledre is the key! Pledre is an online platform that gives everybody a chance to create their own knowledge centres. With Pledre, you can easily manage a fully functional school system just like any physical school that there is. You get the advantage of reaching anybody anywhere in the world, with your prized knowledge. You do not need to think about all the registration and property costs involved in getting a physical school established. Pledre provides you with all the functionality that you want and need.

Pledre has special features which include notes, live classes, whiteboard, and files and videos uploads. With our efficient management system, you can also easily monitor your students and teachers in the school. These features are designed to give you a seamless teaching and administrative experience.

Your vision to provide high quality education is valid. We are here to help you achieve your dreams. Create your school now and power the world with knowledge.

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